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17th June 2021Alison


  Our son started here after the first lockdown in September.  Having struggled to settle in a different nursery we chose to go to Paper Moon Day Nursery - Gamston following a recommendation.  We are so pleased we moved him here! He settled very quickly and now absolutely loves going to nursery.  He talks about his nursery friends and the staff that look after him all the time and is disappointed when its not a nursery day!  The staff are brilliant and really get to know the children well.  They show outstanding care towards the children and keep you updated with any news.  He is always so happy when we drop him off and skips into nursery without a second thought.  The nursery is managed really well and they have continued to look after the children amazingly well throughout the pandemic.  We would not hesitate to recommend Paper Moon Nursery - ... Read More
28th April 2021Alison


The children at our Boultham Park nursery had a wonderful surprise when the manager arranged for two lambs to pay them a visit. The manager and staff recognized that the children have had very few experiences such as this over the last year and wanted to offer the children a Spring surprise.   The staff spent time with the children talking about lambs, how to keep them safe, how to feed them and how to pet them safely. Once the lambs had gone the staff and  children continued to talk about the visit and used various resources, puppets and stories to continue to extend the experience. Its fair to say the children loved their visitors!
14th April 2021Alison


On the 21st March we were able to join our families to raise awareness for International World Down Syndrome Day.  At nursery we have a very knowledgeable mummy and along with her amazing daughter shared some very useful information with us that we were able to share with others.  This has really helped to build a better understanding of the uniqueness of the triplication (trisomy) of the 21st chromosome that causes Down Syndrome.  For more information: Thank you for helping us to build our knowledge and understanding.
30th March 2021Alison


Spring time is a wonderful time of year to notice new things growing in the garden and when out and about.  There is so much to explore outdoors when we are in the garden or out for a walk.  Teaching children about nature and giving them the opportunity to be outdoors exploring is a very important part of our day at Paper Moon Nurseries.
16th March 2021Alison


At Paper Moon Nurseries we are passionate about developing a love of reading and enjoying books.  We know that reading and sharing stories can: help a child get to know sounds, words and language, and develop early literacy skills. learn to value books and stories. ... help develop a child's brain, ability to focus, concentration, social skills and communication skills.   These are  just a few of the many reasons we celebrate World Book Day at all of our nurseries.  This year the children (and their parents) have let their imaginations run wild!  We even had our very own Einstein!  
5th March 2021Alison


At Paper Moon Nurseries we have been so focused and dedicated over the last few months in ensuring our children, their families and our amazing staff have been our primary concern during these unprecedented times. We have always been clear that our guiding principles throughout are: Prioritising the welfare, education and safety of the children and their families. Prioritising the welfare, support and safety of our staff. Prioritising the viability and sustainability of the nursery business so we can continue to offer the valuable care and education to our children. If you would like to know more about how we ensure our settings are managing the effects of COVID-19 we have a number of supporting documents that are helpful in explaining the procedures we follow plus, our Nursery Managers are really happy to answer your questions.  We are constantly reviewing and evaluating our practice and always have new information to share. We have ... Read More
21st January 2021Paper Moon


Congratulations to our Sutton and Forest Town nurseries who have been accepted as one of only 20 settings across Nottinghamshire to take part in the CECIL Project – (COACHING EARLY CONVERSATIONS INTERACTION LANGUAGE) They will be working in partnership with the Sutton Trust and University of Oxford PROJECT AIMS To narrow the gap in attainment between disadvantaged children and their more advantaged peers by focusing on communication and language skills in the Early Years. To increase effective practice in Early Years settings (particularly PVI) supporting communication and language. To increase the evidence of established, locally developed, speech and language therapy led communication and language strategies and build knowledge of what works to scale up and inform the sector.
15th September 2020Paper Moon


On Saturday 7th December Paper Moon Day Nurseries staff members from their nurseries across Nottingham, Nottinghamshire and Lincolnshire attended a company conference.  The owners and directors of the nurseries know how important it is to invest in their workforce in order to support staff professional development and ultimately impact on the quality of care and education the children receive at their nurseries. Alison Hill, Area Manager stated: “The focus for the conference is to strengthen our vision and values of:   “Putting Children First” It is really important that we develop our skilled workforce who have high aspirations for our children and challenge them in a way that allows them to progress.   Anna Ephgrave lead the conference.  Anna is a very well respected and acclaimed teacher and published author within early years and has written books discussing the benefits of ‘In The Moment Planning’ This way of working fully supports the ethos of ... Read More
7th December 2019Paper Moon