COVID-19 – Focused and dedicated care during lockdown

At Paper Moon Nurseries we have been so focused and dedicated over the last few months in ensuring our children, their families and our amazing staff have been our primary concern during these unprecedented times.

We have always been clear that our guiding principles throughout are:

  1. Prioritising the welfare, education and safety of the children and their families.
  2. Prioritising the welfare, support and safety of our staff.
  3. Prioritising the viability and sustainability of the nursery business so we can continue to offer the valuable care and education to our children.

If you would like to know more about how we ensure our settings are managing the effects of COVID-19 we have a number of supporting documents that are helpful in explaining the procedures we follow plus, our Nursery Managers are really happy to answer your questions.  We are constantly reviewing and evaluating our practice and always have new information to share.

We have been very lucky in that such a high percentage of our parents have returned to us following the various lockdowns and we have been able to welcome back the children into our nurseries.

So thank you to all of our parents and staff for their continued support and hard work in ensuring the nursery continues to operate safely and effectively.

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